Benefits of ITA Membership
ITAs research, test reports, maintenance studies, educational programs and membership can help you and your organization benefit from the following .


Objective Third-Party Testing
ITAs testing programs provide the end-user with objective third-party data that can be used to make informed decisions for selecting instrumentation.  ITAs rigorous test protocols are proven to provide objectivity with its cooperative approach and  consensus of industry conformance standards.  Instruments are tested side-by-side in real-time process monitoring conditions to provide comparative performance data.  Maintenance requirements are also observed as well as instrument design and response when subjected to various environmental impacts experienced in the field such as loss of power, loss of sample, and fluctuating process conditions. The results of these tests are used by the end-user to qualitatively select the most accurate and reliable instrument for their application, are used by consultants to specify instruments and are used by manufacturers to improve instrument design. 


Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings
Through objective performance evaluations (ITA tests) and investigations of treatment plant instrumentation practices (ITA research and maintenance studies) an end-user can gain improved efficiency of plant operations and realize cost savings by installing the most accurate and reliable instrument and by efficiently operating and maintaining instruments for their application.

A good example of this was experienced by an ITA member who realized a cost savings of $0.25 to $0.50 per capita per year in treatment costs just by changing the way they calibrated, operated and maintained their online dissolved oxygen analyzers. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy cost savings per year.  View a case study that demonstrates how a wastewater treatment plant evaluated the Compound Costs of Instrument Inaccuracies.

Some ITA members also realize in-house cost savings by using ITAs test reports to prove instrument performance capabilities to justify purchases and meet regulatory  permit requirements.  Additionally, ITAs third-party objective testing eliminates the need to procure instruments and perform costly in-house testing.

Professional Networking
ITA membership provides a forum of common interest and thus provides the best platform to harness the expertise and knowledge of industry professionals to troubleshoot common issues and realize collaborative solutions. Networking with ITA members (instrumentation and automation professionals) provides an excellent opportunity to benefit from the experiences of other organizations and individuals.

Project Involvement
ITA members directly contribute their ideas, needs and issues regarding instrumentation and automation to assist in the planning and development of ITA projects.  ITA volunteer members make these contributions to the industry by applying their knowledge and utilizing their expertise for the development of ITA projects. ITA members who volunteer to participate in the planning and development of ITA projects have the opportunity to bring their needs to the forefront and have a direct impact on the planning and development of ITA projects.  Members involved in ITA projects participate by reviewing project data and research findings and benefit by gaining an inside track of project results before final project production.


TA publishes a periodic newsletter, the ITA Enews, which contains technical and educational case studies, white papers, and general information about the status of ITA projects.  Members benefit by receiving focused instrumentation and automation articles and learn what other professionals are practicing in the industry.