The best way to understand how you and your organization can benefit from becoming a member of ITA, is through the experiences of others.  The following testimonials provide examples of how other organizations addressed their instrumentation and automation issues through the use of ITA products and services.


Water and Wastewater Treatment Perspective
"ITAs test reports and studies have provided our organization with objective third-party data that has been used by many utilities to prove instrument performance and capabilities to regulators for meeting government permit requirements.  We use ITAs publications to eliminate the need for conducting costly and labor intensive in-house testing.  In addition, ITAs publications are used to help our organization to make an informed decision when specifying instruments so that we can select the best instrument for our application.  You too can realize cost savings in equipment procurement since ITAs reports are 1/10th to 1/4 the cost of one instrument.  Join now and ITA will help address your instrumentation and automation needs!"

  - Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District


Industrial Wastewater Treatment Perspectives
"The Instrument Testing Association (ITA) is a unique resource, dedicated solely to the testing and validation of wastewater monitoring instrumentation.   Weyerhaeuser has been a sponsoring member of ITA since 1996.  ITA performs field testing of wastewater monitoring instrumentation, maintains an instrument specification database, and conducts instrument performance and maintenance testing under field conditions.  No other organization does this type of practical point-of-use testing for wastewater instrumentation.  The resulting information offers an unbiased assessment of instrument operation, accuracy, and maintenance.  ITA information has been helpful for previous mill questions about on-line measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen, flow, oxidation-reduction potential, ammonia, phosphorous, and BOD/COD."

 - Weyerhaeuser NR Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability 

"Our company is always looking for ways to improve efficiency.  ITA provides a forum of common interest and has thus provided the best platform available for wastewater instrumentation evaluations.  Installing the most accurate and reliable instruments in our plants helps us to narrow supplier choices and provide the lowest cost of ownership.  If I was not a member of the ITA I would be accepting a higher cost in our operations.  ITA provides a valuable leveraged capability to offset the continuing trend in labor cutbacks and training.  Your joining the ITA will provide you with the opportunity for similar influence and benefits in your organization!"

 - Dow Chemical Company

Consultant Perspective
"As a consulting engineer, I am constantly looking for ways to provide reliable and cost effective automation to help my clients.  ITA provides the best source of independent performance and maintenance data available to the utility industry.  ITA also provides an excellent forum to network with automation professionals so you can benefit from the experiences of other organizations. Your membership in ITA will provide valuable research and design resources that will help you and your organization more efficiently plan and implement instrumentation and automation systems."

 - EMA, Inc.

Manufacturer Perspective
"As a manufacturer, ITA provides truly independent testing of our equipment.  ITAs tests help all manufacturers in improving equipment and some have even made modifications to the design of their products as a result of the findings from ITAs testing.  In addition, ITA provides networking with other professionals in a non-commercial environment, allowing our company to better understand issues faced by the industry and therefore develop better solutions.  This is where ITAs testing directly improves the reliability and performance of instrumentation and automation technologies.  ITA also provides a forum for educating the user about the instruments and equipment we produce.  Joining ITA can help improve your organization and help make a contribution to the industry!"

 - Hach Company