Meet ITAs Board of Directors
As a non-profit association, ITA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of water, wastewater and industrial professionals located throughout the U.S. and Canada.  ITAs Board of Directors holds periodic meetings to provide guidance, planning and oversight ranging from the everyday operations of the organization to addressing specific needs of the industry through ITA projects and services.  An international volunteer Board of Directors representing various types and sizes of treatment facilities allows ITA to objectively conduct cooperative research and testing. Meet the dedicated professionals who make our organization a success.




Saeed Assef
Director of Infrastructure and Flood Protection Div.
Louisville & Jefferson County MSD

Louisville, Kentucky USA


Board Member since 2002

President since 2009


Chris Vriezen
Town of Quispamsis

Quispamsis, New Brunswick CANADA


Board Member since 1999

Vice-President since 2009

Walter Lund, CPMM
Prince William County Service Authority
Wastewater & Maintenance

Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

Board Member since 2011


Stuart Leitch, P.Eng
City of Hamilton
Environmental & Sustainable Infrastructure 

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Board Member since 2011


Jeff Majka, P.E.
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Chicago, Illinois USA

Board Member since 2009

Sonny Mercado
East Bay Municipal Utility District, Wastewater Dept.

Oakland, California USA

Board Member since 2014

Gordon Pederson
Gulf Coast Waste
Disposal Authority

Houston, Texas USA


Board Member since 2013

Randy Renfroe
Columbus Water Works

Columbus, Georgia USA


Board Member since 2014

Darrol Weiss
City of Calgary
Water Resources

Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Board Member since 2011

Kevin Winnett, Ph.D.
Dow Chemical
Environmental Technology

Plaquemine, Louisiana USA

Board Member Since 2014

Allan Zaleski
City of Winnipeg
Water and Waste Dept.

Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA


Board Member since 2014



Carl Neumayer
ITA Life Member
Since 1984

Past ITA President

Steven J. Gluck, PhD
Dow Chemical

Freeport, Texas USA

Past Board Member 2001-2008

Past ITA President 2003-2008

James E. Patterson
Columbus Water Works

Columbus, Georgia USA

Past Board Member 1999-2008

Past ITA Vice-President


Paul Lagasse, P.Eng.  
City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA

Past Board Member 2002-2010

George Malacos
New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Elmhurst, New York USA
 Past Board Member 2003-2010

Ricky Clifton
Gulf Coast Waste
Disposal Authority

Houston, Texas USA

Past Board Member 2009-2013