ITA Member Acknowledgements
Behind the scenes of ITA and its projects are a group of dedicated members who volunteer time to help ITA continue to grow and reach its goals. Whether it is an ITA member organization who supports ITA's mission through their annual membership dues, an ITA Board member who volunteers time to help provide guidance and direction for the organization or individual members who contribute personal time and technical knowledge, these cooperative efforts help make ITA's instrument test and research projects possible. 

ITA Awards

ITA Awards offer an opportunity to acknowledge a few of its members and thank them for their time, dedication and support of ITA. It is the volunteer efforts of these ITA members who provide a contribution to the industry and assist others through their participation.

BOD5:TOC Correlation Study
The following ITA members were acknowledged for their volunteer service for their participation in the planning and development of the ITA BOD5:TOC correlation study.

ITA would would especially like to thank its many contributors who made the valuable information in BOD5:TOC correlation report possible, including member utilities who provided in-kind support by taking the time to collect and organize treatment plant measurement data and donate their technical resources.

Please join in congratulating and recognizing the following project volunteers:

Academic Partners
Krishna Pagilla, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois

Municipal Partners
Chris Vriezen, Utilities Manager, Town of Quispamsis, New Brunswick
Graham Fuga, MBA, P.Eng., CMA, Wastewater Engineer, City of Winnipeg, Manitoba Allan Zaleski, Chemist, City of Winnipeg, Manitoba
Alexandre Miot, Assistant Engineer, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco, California
Bonnie Jones, Senior Engineer, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco, California

Industrial Partners
Max Lee, Ph.D., EH&S Analytical Manager, Dow Chemical, Environmental Technology, Freeport, Texas


Graham Fuga, MBA, P.Eng CMA  and Allan Zaleski, City of Winnipeg
The City of Winnipeg provided data for three of its wastewater treatment plants

Graham Fuga, MBA, P.Eng., CMA,  Wastewater Engineer and  Allan  Zaleski, Chemist, both with the City of Winnipeg's Wastewater Division, Water and Waste Department in Manitoba, Canada received an ITA award to recognize  their participation in  ITA's correlation study.  The City of Winnipeg provided 5-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) and total organic carbon (TOC) and data for three of their wastewater treatment plants.   Al Zaleski, with his deep understanding of BOD5 and TOC relationships provided review and direction for the development of the study report.  Please join in recognizing Graham and Al for their participation and contribution.

Graham Fuga, MBA, P.Eng CMA, Wastewater Engineer and ITA's Treasurer (left)  and Allan Zaleski, Chemist (right), City of Winnipeg, Wastewater Division, Water and Waste Department,  Manitoba, CANADA

Since 1972, the City of Winnipeg has used TOC data as a process control parameter and using carbon balances that  achieves a 77.1 percent removal of carbon.


Alexandre Miot and Bonnie Jones, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
The City of San Francisco started the correlation study with ITA and the Illinois Institute of Technology

Bonnie Jones, Senior Engineer and Alexandre Miot, Assistant Engineer with the San Francisco, Public Utilities Commission, Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Plant in San Francisco, California received an ITA award to acknowledge their efforts in jump starting the ITA TOC correlation study along with Professor Krishna Pagilla of Illinois Institute of Technology. Alex and Bonnie donated data from their conventional activated sludge and high-purity oxygen activated sludge wastewater treatment plant that was designed for average flows from 21 MGD (79,494 m3/d) dry weather to 65 MGD (246,052 m3/d) wet weather.   Please join in recognizing Bonnie and Alex for their participation and contribution.

Alexandre Miot, Assistant Engineer (left) and Bonnie Jones, Senior Engineer (right) of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Plant, San Francisco, California, USA

"Thank you very much for acknowledging our contribution.
It was a pleasure to work with ITA on this project."


Chris Vriezen, Town of Quispamsis
The Town of Quispamsis provided data for its 4-cell wastewater lagoon system.

Chris Vriezen, Utility Manager for the Town of Quispamsis in New Brunswick, Canada and ITA's Vice-President, received an ITA award to recognize his volunteer efforts and for donating  BOD5 and TOC data from Quispamsis' 26 million gallon (100,000 m3) Longwood Park Lagoon  system.  Chris an active ITA member took the time to collect and organize treatment system parameter data for the ITA correlation study.  Chris also provided his expert technical review and guidance for the development and direction of the ITA project.  Please join in recognizing Chris  for his participation and contribution.

Chris Vriezen

Utility Manager  and ITA Vice-President

Town of Quispamsis

New Brunswick, CANADA


"We are proud to be involved in this project and appreciate the recognition. We look forward to future endeavors with ITA."


Krishna Pagilla, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, Illinois Institute of Technology
Illinois Institute of Technology provided oversight and direction for the correlation study.

Dr. Krishna Pagilla received an ITA award for his dedication and support for ITA's TOC correlation research project.  ITA is grateful to Dr. Pagilla who was prominent in launching the correlation study with ITA and gaining the participation of San Francisco.  Dr. Pagilla provided his technical expertise and knowledge to participated in the many planning sessions and meetings to provide oversight and guidance for the overall project.  Please join in recognizing Professor Pagilla for his participation and contribution.

Krishna Pagilla, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE

WEF Fellow, IWA Fellow


Civil, Architecture & Environmental Engineering

Illinois Institute of Technology

Chicago, Illinois USA


"The report is excellent. I believe it will be very useful."